Inspiration – Where does it come from?

Inspiration – Where does it come from? I’m sure we’ve all heard the question being asked, not just by photographers but by people from different walks of life.  Everyone wants to know where it hides, how to find it and how to keep!

It’s something I’ve pondered on myself, especially in those times when my mind has been a complete blank and I haven’t had a creative thought for weeks.  Thinking about the times I’ve felt inspired, where did that feeling of inspiration come from, what started that thought process, how was it triggered?  I noticed that it just happened.  Either something I saw, hear or felt would set my mind running in lots of different ways.  Memories of sounds, colours, smells would race through my my head some with a strong link together others a more tenuous link.

For everyone it will be different sometimes it helps if your in a quite place to nurture the start of that thought, forming a stronger idea and building on it until WOW your inspired!  But other times it suddenly comes to you out of the blue, trigger by something you didn’t expect, catching you unaware and off guard.

I love dance, and in particular ballet.  I’m not a dancer and the closest I’ve been were the ballet and tap classes I attend as a very young girl at the age of 4.  But I love to watch people dance, not just professional dancers at the theatre but anyone who likes to dance.  It’s not about how good they are its about their passion, their inspiration and their ability to realise it, grasp it and use it.  Where does the inspiration for their dance come from, the music, the location, some other connection they’ve made in their head that’s secret to them.  Not someone else’s inspiration but their own.

At the moment there are three songs with their videos that inspire me.  They are Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud  (You tube link here)  Sam Smith, I’m Not The Oly One (You Tube link here) and Selena Gomez, The Heart Wants What it Wants (You tube link here)

For me the Ed Sheeran video is more about the dance, the softness and the strength, the lighting with the song adding the finishing touches wrapping the whole thing up with a nice bow.   When ever I hear the song on the radio it’s the dance that comes to mind, even now while typing this I can picture it in my head.

For me Sam Smith’s video its more about the look and feel of the video the clothes the way its filmed and the emotion in his voice, like the glue holding the whole thing together.

And for Selena Gomez its the mix of contemporary filming, the voice over from an old movie at the start setting the scene.  And in those few minutes telling the whole story.  The grainy low light Black & White filming reminds me of those classic old black and white movies and how things change and progress through technology while still remaining the same. The filming is fantastic.

For me some of these things translate to images I’d like to take. Some are just things I turn over in my head for a while as they morph in to something different drifting in and out like an old friend.  And some become something else  like a dress I’ll make, a meal or even a blog post.

Inspiration comes from all sorts of places, keep watching, keep looking, keep your eyes and your mind open.  And remember inspiration mainly comes from within yourself.  You just need to recognise it!

Thanks for reading.