Looking for a Studio Space

I’m currently in the process of defining my Brand, the logo, the colours, the look and feel of everything from style to website to letterhead and packaging.  I’m surprised at how much time it takes to tie everything together and make sure everything is consistent across all areas from colours to layout.   A Graphic Designer is well worth the cost, I’ve been working with a lady called Lucy Wynn www.wynncreative.co.uk I’ll explain my branding lessons learnt shortly, we’re on the home straight but there’s still plenty for me to do.  Especially when using different suppliers to produce, business cards, letterhead/compliment slips and packaging.

Anyway, while on my brand journey I was visiting a Fashion Designer (Zuzana Kurucova) the other day and as I was leaving her studio when I notice a vacant room next door.  My brain went in to hyper-drive for a few minutes while I decided whether I wanted to investigate further.  Needless to say I decided in the positive, after all what did I have to loose!  I was only checking things out in more detail to help me make an informed decision.

The location is good, about a 5 min walk from the town centre and less than 3 minutes walk from the train station, with fast links to London in approx. 38 minutes.  Then Zuzana told me the previous occupants had only move out the day before.  As the door was open I decided to have a look inside, after all it would have been silly not too!

The room is about 15′ x 12′ and has a large bay window.  There is a large recess with a fireplace and an unfortunate looking storage heater stuck in the middle of it.  Hmm! could that be removed or replaced by the landlord?   I asked Zuzana for the landlords contact details and left feeling quite please about the possibilities the room had to offer.  And with a Fashion Designer next door who makes wedding dresses, who knows what opportunities that could bring that could benefit us both.

I thought things through on the drive home, mulled things over a bit more that evening and the next day in between rushing from one meeting to another.  After all, this wasn’t something I wanted to rush in to but nor was it something I wanted to spend too much time procrastinating about either.  I’d already done that last year for another opportunity and regretted it.  I decided to contact the landlord and open a dialog about all the normal things you need to understand while thinking about entering in to a legal contract.

After speaking with the landlord he is going to send more details about the lease and I asked him for an appointment for a formal viewing.  We’re meeting on Tuesday 10th March.  Feeling excited, big, HUGE grin!

Fingers crossed and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for reading and take care.